Holiday Family Fun!

Holiday Family Fun!


Disclaimer for the reputation of the Steve Day family.  This is not his family story.  I am Steve’s older sister.

Seriously…..I marvel at the accounts of the perfectly moving, lovely nativity scenes enacted in many homes at Christmas time.

My mother somehow seemed to keep her numerous grandchildren somewhat in character and on script for the traditional family party nativity scene.

Last year we had what I can only call a somewhat dysfunctional but necessary nativity scene.  To start with I have a grown son and several older grandsons who have a short attention span, an affinity to hand-held devices, and a tendency to somewhat (dare I say it) obnoxious humor.

Love them dearly, but they try my patience at times.

Then (and I guess I should have just ditched it somewhere) in our box of Nativity costumes is a darling little lion head hat left over from a Wizard of Oz costume.  We have let one of the little ones wear it to signify one of the animals.

Only this little animal recognized it for what it was and continually roared while Grandpa read the nativity story.  Mary (2) and Joseph (5) wandered about.  Joseph said he thought he looked like Darth Vader.   The other kids couldn’t contain their giggling.  Just as we finished, the lion stole the baby from Mary and wailing and roaring reigned.

By the time it was over, I was convinced that we should just bag the attempt at a nativity.  After a day or two of admitted grouchiness about it I came to a decision.

They can frustrate me, but they can’t defeat me.  We’ll tweak it and keep trying.   We WILL have a Nativity…. It may be dysfunctional, but it is ever important. I will not give up!



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